Bat Surveys and Development

Pipistrelle bat

If you are a home-owner looking to extend or modify part of your home or a developer wishing to convert or demolish buildings then now is the time to think about bat surveys.

To assist with the understanding of what’s involved we have provided some guidance on bat surveys. We hope it is of use but do call us if you want to discuss a specific project.

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How to set-up and deploy remote wildlife cameras

Badgers recorded at a sett using a remote wildlife camera

So you’ve just bought your new remote wildlife camera - brilliant! Now it's time to head straight into the field to see what amazing beasts lurk in your neighbourhood…..or is it?!

Practecology has spent hours looking at specifications of remote cameras prior to deciding on which one to purchase. Yes, the more you spend often gives you a technically better camera with a lower trigger speed, higher detection range and better illumination. However, this is only half the story.

Despite the availability of camera reviews on the internet there did not appear to be much advice on using them. To avoid looking at blurry images, swaying grass or worst of all, nothing, Practecology put together this top ten list of things to consider before deploying your camera.

We hope you find it useful!

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Drones and bat surveys

Throughout 2016 Practecology undertook a number of building surveys to determine the value of drones in facilitating the design of bat activity surveys.

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Practecology Goes Airborne

Loch Sunart from Morvern

Practecology has embraced modern technology and is now able to provide aerial photography and video using its Phantom 3 unmanned aerial vehicle or “drone”. We have obtained our permit for aerial works from the CAA and can now put our flying skills to the test.

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A Guide to Badger Surveys

The start of the survey season is a great opportunity to hone survey skills and improve our understanding of badgers before vegetation grows and starts to disguise some key signs. Practecology shares its experience from conducting badger surveys in Scotland.

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Bat Box Use and Preference

On completion of the assessment of 239 bat boxes erected as mitigation along the alignment of the AWPR a brief data review was undertaken to see if there were any patterns in use or preference of boxes by bats.

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Practecology goes West

In addition to being professional consultants, some of our ecologists at Practecology are enthusiastic naturalists and make trips to various parts of the country to find and observe wildlife.

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