Aerial Filming and Photography

Practecology holds a Permit for Aerial Works and undertakes aerial photography and video.

Aerial Imagery for Construction

Our qualified pilots at Practecology are able to capture aerial imagery for a range of construction projects using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). By using a UAV it is possible to observe obscured sections of a structure, avoid the need to deploy climbing teams or scaffolding and reach areas where Mobile Elevated Working Platforms cannot gain access. The imagery can be used to assess structural integrity, inform maintenance schedules, assess the effectiveness of work and plan restoration or reinstatement work.

Whilst UAVs are great at saving time and money they also avoid any working at height and reduce exposure of a workforce to risks associated with climbing.

  • Maintenance surveys

    Maintenance surveys

  • Structural assessments

    Structural assessments

  • Aerial assessments for construction access

    Aerial assessments for construction access

  • Monitoring construction

    Monitoring construction

Aerial Imagery for Surveys

We can use our UAVs for a number of environmental applications. This includes comprehensive building surveys to determine their potential to be used by roosting bats, determining contents of large nests in tree canopies, recording habitat reinstatement and monitoring progress of archaeological excavations.

As the industry advances we are finding more and more uses for this capability within the ecological discipline.

  • Building inspections for bats

    Building inspections for bats

  • Assessing obscure roof sections

    Assessing obscure roof sections

  • Archaeological surveys (Dun Deardhail Fort)

    Archaeological surveys (Dun Deardhail Fort)

  • Nest monitoring

    Nest monitoring