Ecological Impact Assessments

Ecological Impacts Assessments (EcIA) are a key component of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) but may also be used to guide a development brief and inform a management plan where an EIA is not required. Their function is to provide decision makers with clear and concise information about the likely ecological effects associated with a project and its impact in both the immediate and adjacent environments.


Practecology has significant experience in writing EcIAs for a range of developments compliant with the Environmental Impact Assessment (Scotland) Regulations 2011.We liaise closely with our Client so that we can understand the development and make sure that the assessment method and scope are fit for purpose. By collecting robust, relevant ecological data in the early stages of a project we are able to present a detailed report to the Competent Authority.

As part of an EcIA Pratecology observes the following principles:

  • Regular consultation with the Client to understand the project aims and scope
  • Early engagement with statutory and non-statutory consultees
  • Collection of robust baseline data by our experienced field ecologists
  • Accurate and transparent assessment of the scale and significance of any impact caused by the project
  • Identification of opportunities to reduce impacts and promote biodiversity
  • Submission of final report