A9 Luncarty to Birnham

Practecology was appointed as the Ecological Clerk of Works as part of the delivery of the advanced archaeological inspections for a 9.5km section of road dualling north of Perth, Scotland.

Ecological Surveys

Prior to the excavation of trenches, Practecology was required to undertake ecological surveys for a range of protected species to inform works including badgers, nesting birds, otter, water vole and beaver. This information was used to confirm suitable access paths, the works time-table and was also used during consultation with the statutory regulators SNH and SEPA. 

  • Access tracks assessed

    Access tracks assessed

  • Water courses were monitored for pollution

    Water courses were monitored for pollution

  • Excavation area

    Excavation area

  • Open trench

    Open trench


Practecology was also responsible for overseeing the satisfactory re-instatement of fields on completion of all works. 

  • Reinstatement of works area

    Reinstatement of works area

  • Works completed

    Works completed