Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

In 2014 Practecology oversaw the exclusion and closure of over 100 badger setts along the alignment of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route - a 46km dual carriageway around the city.

Background to the Scheme

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, is a 46km dual-carriageway, around the city of Aberdeen. Also included in this development is a programme to widen the existing A90 between the villages of Balmedie and Tipperty. As expected, such a development has a marked impact on the local landscape and the species which occupy it. One species which needed to be safely excluded from the footprint of the road prior to works commencing were badgers.

  • Tree clearance prior to sett exclusion

    Tree clearance prior to sett exclusion

  • Exclusion completed

    Exclusion completed

Work Carried out

As part of this project a total of 100 badger setts had to be excluded, closed and destroyed between the end of September and start of December 2014. While there were many outlier and subsidiary setts to close, there were 3 annex and 8 main setts - the largest covering an area of over 600sqm. Practecology directed and undertook all elements of the exclusion and demolition as well as liaising with landowners to arrange access but also with utilities companies including SSE, Scottish Water, BP and Shell to ensure all their protocols were followed.

All exclusions were completed successfully, ahead of schedule and with no badgers being encountered during sett excavation.

  • An annex sett ready for closure

    An annex sett ready for closure

  • A main sett exclusion prior to demolition

    A main sett exclusion prior to demolition

  • Excavating a main sett

    Excavating a main sett

  • Sett destruction completed

    Sett destruction completed