Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

Practecology was appointed to provide ecological support during the early construction phase of the new 46km long dual carriageway which lies to the west of Aberdeen. This followed on from our previous success on the project in 2014 when we excluded and closed over 100 badger setts in a 10 week period.

Providing Construction Support

As part of this commission we provided a number of highly experienced Ecological Clerks of Works whose principal role was to advise the construction and design teams and ensure the project complied with protected species legislation and met conditions set out in licenses issued by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Our ecologists worked closely with section engineers and plant operators and completed a wide range of surveys prior to scrub clearance, tree felling, the removal of dry-stone walls, building demolition and soil stripping. In addition, Practecology was also requested to undertake the assessment of over 200 bat boxes and 27 squirrel boxes erected as mitigation for the scheme as well as exclude and close seven badger setts which had been created since the start of the year.

Surveys Completed

As part of this project our ecologists undertook the following;

  • bat surveys of buildings at dusk and dawn
  • bat activity surveys along transects
  • sound analysis of bat calls to determine species
  • tree climbing and endoscope inspections for bats
  • assessment of over 200 bat boxes
  • nest searches and the erection of buffer zones
  • reptile surveys
  • badger surveys, sett monitoring, exclusion, closure and demolition
  • red squirrel surveys and artificial drey monitoring
  • otter and water vole surveys
  • Bats in a box

    Bats in a box

  • Bat surveys of buildings

    Bat surveys of buildings

  • Safeguarding nesting areas

    Safeguarding nesting areas

  • Bedding chamber found during sett excavation

    Bedding chamber found during sett excavation