Bat Surveys for Development

Practecology undertakes bat surveys for developers in the private sector. All surveys are carried out in accordance with BCT guidance.

Survey variety

Throughout 2017 Practecology was commissioned to carry out bat surveys for a number of private developers, ranging from the demolition and construction of houses to the conversion of a former university campus in Edinburgh into modern apartments. On completion of some of these surveys it was necessary to apply for licences from SNH before any works could be carried out.

  • Development of farm

    Development of farm

  • Craighouse Development, Edinburgh

    Craighouse Development, Edinburgh

Guidance and Equipment

All of our surveys follow Bat Conservation Guidelines and are undertaken at dusk, dawn or a combination of both by experienced staff. We use modern, frequency division heterodyne bat detectors or programmed Anabats as the project requires. If practical and safe to do so we can undertake internal inspections of lofts and building cavities.

Our ecologists also hold the NPTC certificate for Tree Climbing and Aerial rescue allowing us to carry out pre-felling inspections of trees. We are equipped with our own harnesses, climbing ropes, safety equipment and endoscopes allowing us to peer into the most inaccessible tree cavities! 

  • Roost inspections in trees

    Roost inspections in trees

  • Using an endoscope to inspect a potential roost

    Using an endoscope to inspect a potential roost