Greenhills Road

Practecology successfully completes another three badger sett exclusions under SNH licence. These setts lie within the development footprint of a road re-alignment which requires substantial earthworks. A compensatory sett had been provided for the badgers to minimise the disruption to their ecology.

Compensatory Sett

To encourage badgers to move away from the development a new artificial sett had been constructed earlier in an area of woodland which was known to be utilised by the same social group and which would remain undisturbed.

With the compensatory sett in place and showing signs of uptake by badgers, exclusion was carried out in accordance with conditions set out in the licence. Once it had been confirmed that badgers no longer occupied the setts they were destroyed under the supervision of Practecology.

  • Inspecting a small sett mid excavation

    Inspecting a small sett mid excavation

  • Weldmesh over embankment and setts

    Weldmesh over embankment and setts

  • A large sett exclusion

    A large sett exclusion

  • Licensed sett excavation

    Licensed sett excavation