Holytown Railway Electrification

Practecology completes nesting bird surveys in advance of rail-line upgrade.


Practecology carried out nesting bird surveys along a section of railway between Holytown and Mid-Calder prior to vegetation clearance needed to enable upgrades to the overhead line network. We have carried out similar checks prior to vegetation clearance for pipe-line installations, junction upgrades and construction works.

Nesting bird checks used a combination of observations and cold searches. During the breeding season it is often possible to observe adult birds collecting nesting material, food, or disposing of chicks droppings and then watching where they fly. Once the likely nesting area is identified then the nest can be pin-pointed by physically climbing into the vegetation and having a look. Of course you have to take care when entering the shrubbery so as not to damage the nest, but also not to stay too long such that you disturb the adult from tending to its eggs or chicks.

  • Disused blackbird nest

    Disused blackbird nest

  • Vegetated embankments surveyed

    Vegetated embankments surveyed