River Leven

Practecology carries out river corridor survey to inform sewage pipe upgrade. One of the main aims was to identify invasive non-native plant species which may constrain engineering works.

Survey Aims

Prior to the upgrade of two sewage pipe crossings along the River Leven, Fife, Practecology carried out an extended Phase 1 survey. This was to determine the presence of protected species, but also non-native invasive species.

  • Sewage pipe over river

    Sewage pipe over river

  • Pipeline under walkway

    Pipeline under walkway

Invasive Species

Several invasive species were identified throughout the riparian corridor, predominantly giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam. Recommendations were made to prevent the spread of these two plants during construction as well as ensure pollution prevention and control measures were adopted.

  • Giant hogweed

    Giant hogweed

  • Himalayan balsam

    Himalayan balsam