Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh

Practecology commissioned to complete BREEAM Landscape and Ecology Assessment for Royal Edinburgh Hospital Phase 1 Development.

The Development

The existing 20.5ha site of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (REH) is being subject to a large scale re-development to improve the Health Care Services provided by NHS Lothian. This will lead to the demolition of old buildings which are no longer fit for purpose, improvements in the use and value of open space, sympathetic landscape planting and better access. New, modern buildings will be constructed which will integrate mental health care facilities which currently exist at a number of sites across the Lothian Region.

Given the size of the site its re-development has been separated into a number of Phases. Practecology was asked to undertake the BREEAM Appraisal specific to Landscape and Ecology for Phase 1 which covers the 5.5ha in the south-east of the site.

BREEAM Assessment

To determine the sustainability rating of the new Phase 1 development, Practecology undertook a desk based review of all relevant supporting information which had been acquired throughout the Masterplanning process. This included the Environmental Statement; Phase 1 habitat and NVC survey reports; bat survey reports; arbori-cultural assessments, and; the landscaping, planting and maintenance schedules.

So that any change in the value of the site could be determined, Practecology calculated the species diversity of the site both before and after the development. We also collated all ecological recommendations and included additional suggestions which may be included during site development and operation.

All information was relayed to the Client using the pro-forma Appendix F and an accompanying report

Credits Awarded

Practecology enabled the Client to obtain credits under the Landscape and Ecology element of BREEAM for the development.