South of the City School Development, Aberdeen

Practecology was requested to undertake a series of bird surveys prior to ground clearance at the site of a new school being constructed on the south side of Aberdeen. In addition we provided advice to the Contractors in the form of Tool Box Talks/Briefing sheets specific for both birds and reptiles.

  • Site clearance underway

    Site clearance underway

  • Ideal nesting habitat

    Ideal nesting habitat

Survey Results

Through dawn observations and cold searching Practecology found nests of both skylark and meadow pipit, each containing eggs and chicks respectively. To safeguard the nests, buffers were erected to indicate the nest sites to plant operators and site staff. Despite the urgency of works both nests sites were avoided and both were able to fledge young.

  • Nest site indicated to site staff

    Nest site indicated to site staff

  • Skylark nest containing one egg

    Skylark nest containing one egg